How do I create a Free Shipping sale?

Modified on Thu, 25 Apr at 5:09 PM

Creating a Free Shipping Sale

Customers love free shipping and you might too! Free shipping can easily lend a hand in boosting sales for your business. 

Types of Free Shipping Sales

  • You can create a sale where free domestic shipping is the discount offered, rather than a book price discount. 
  • You can also create a sale where free domestic shipping is offered in addition to a book price discount. 
  • Your free shipping sale can include all or just a portion of your inventory. Any sale you set up will begin and end on the dates you specify.

How do I get started? 

To create a sale where you offer free domestic shipping, or to include free domestic shipping in addition to a book price discount, simply check the box for free domestic shipping when you are selecting your other sale criteria.

Tips and Tricks for Free Shipping Sales

Free Shipping and Location

Your free shipping sale will only apply to orders originating from your own country. 

Any price discount you offer separately or in conjunction will be applied to all orders, regardless of shipping destination.

Heavy and Large Books

You may wish to exclude specific books which are very large or heavy. 

Offering free shipping in those cases may not be cost-effective. After you select your sale criteria and click "Next", you will have the opportunity to exclude specific books from your sale.

Where do the items covered by the sale show up?

If you offer free shipping only when you create your sale, then your sale books will show up in searches on our Free Shipping page.

Free Shipping Sale and Book Discount?

If you also offer a book price discount, then your sale will be listed on our Exclusive Specials page as well.

Need a bit more information? We are happy to help! 

For complete details about creating a bookseller sale, click here.

For details about offering free shipping to a specific zone of your shipping matrix, click here.

Please contact us at with any questions.